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Day 14: Submit form without submit button

Sometime it’s require to submit the form on server without submit button, like on dropdown change. So this can be done with the help of JavaScript.

Day 13: Form validation client and server side.

Is it better to validate form of our website both client and server side. Both have their own advantages. In client side

Day 12: Handling Multiple Tables In PHP With MySql Join

Note : In this assignment, I am taking the same database (mydb) that we was created in Day9,

Day 11: Data Manipulation With PHP

We have done database connectivity in Day 9, now we will manipulate data in database (i.e. insert, edit, update and delete) with PHP. To manipulate

Day 9: Database connectivity in PHP

Database is used to store information. In PHP we are using MySql as database server. Below are the steps to use MySql server with

Get Last Inserted Id

There are many cases where we need AUTO_INCREMENT ID that generated from the previous INSERT operation, we can get that by using mysql_insert_id() function. Like:- $con = mysql_connect(“localhost”, “root”,

Fetch Duplicate Records

following is the query through which we can fetch duplicate records in our table, let’s take a example of emp table:- “SELECT name FROM emp GROUP BY name