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Day 23: Sending Emails in PHP

mail() function is use to send an email in PHP. Syntax: mail( to, subject, message, headers, parameters ); mail function requires 3 mandatory arguments and 2 optional

Day 22: Login and Logout Functionality With OOPs.

This article is about login and logout functionality with OOPs. There are 4 files used in this script: 1. adminCls.php Class to define

Day 21: login and logout functionality in PHP

Today you will see how we can use session for security purpose. In below example I have created “tbl_admin” table to store

Day 20: Session in PHP

Session is a way to make data accessible on various pages of the website. Session stores on server and secure then the cookies. Sessions are

Day 19: Cookies in PHP

Cookie is used to store information of a web page. It’s often used to identify user by embedding small file on the user’s computer. When

Day 18: Php Oops With MySql (Update and Delete Records)

Continue to the day 17, now we are going to edit, update and delete records with OOPS Program 52: edit,

Day 17: Database Handling With Oops

In database there are 4 basic functions that we have to perform i.e. Display, Save, Update and Delete. Earlier we have done this without OOPS,

Day 16: Working with class, variables and Inheritance

Variables are defined in class with ‘var’ keyword. By default variable declared with ‘var’ keyword is publicly assessed, you can also use public $variable instead

Day 15: Object Oriented Programming in PHP

Introduction to OOPS Php5 released in 2004 with OOP features like in C# and java. It was the big change in PHP and

Day 14: Submit form without submit button

Sometime it’s require to submit the form on server without submit button, like on dropdown change. So this can be done with the help of JavaScript.