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Textbox in CakePHP

Following are the methods through which we can create Textbox in CakePHP. Example 1: echo $this->Form->input(‘usrUsername’); Above code will render following output in view: <div class=”input text”> <label for=”UserUsrUsername”>Usr Username</label><input name=”data[User][usrUsername]”

Create a Form in CakePHP

To create a form in CakePHP we can use careate() method. Let’s take an example with cake1 as a root folder and users is

Paypal Integration in php

function PaymentDetails() { global $wpdb; $current_user = wp_get_current_user(); $postvalues = (object)$_POST; // Set request-specific fields. $paymentType = urlencode(‘Authorization’); // or ‘Sale’ $firstName = trim($postvalues->cc_first_name); //card holder first name $lastName = trim($postvalues->cc_last_name); //card holder last name $creditCardType = trim($postvalues->cc_type);