Advantages of javaScript

  • Easy to learn : JavaScript has simple, easy to learn syntax that we can use with html.
  • Runs on Client Side : JavaScript runs on client side, means it use our own system memory(RAM,etc.) to run, so it’s faster than the server side scripting language, that use server’s memory.
  • Features of programming languages : JavaScript contains the features of real programming language like:- if-else, while, for, switch-case, array, function, etc., with help of these features we can implement our own logics in our program or web page.
  • Client Side Validations : Almost every website use JavaScript to fulfill their client side validation requirements. We can also make our own regular expressions in JavaScript, to validate our web page on client side.
  • Ways to use : There are 3 different ways to use JavaScript in our web page
    a) Inline
    b) internal
    c) external.
    These are the methods that we can choose according to our requirements.

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